Friday, February 3, 2012

Indonesia’s online industry

In your opinion, what do you think is the future for Indonesia’s online industry?

Indonesia has massive potential to be a leader in the digital space in Asia. Mobile penetration is high and there’s a lot of enthusiasm in the industry, which is exciting to see.

If you look at the percentage of online advertising spend in Indonesia, it only represents about 1 percent of total advertising spent, so there’s enormous scope for growth. Indonesia spends roughly US$40 million per year on online advertising yet the total advertising, across TV, print, and other mediums is about US$ 5 billion.

So when you look at the amount of time people are spending across the range of media, there's a disproportionate amount spent on TV/print versus online. So I think it's a market that’s ripe for growth. You only need to look around at this conference and you can sense plenty of enthusiasm and excitement about the future of digital in Indonesia.

from LinkedIn Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand, Clifford Rosenberg via Vivanews


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